April 2023

As we start the 2023 season, we thought it was time to provide an update. We are finalising many projects and refits. We will be bidding farewell to our Volvo 70 lodger. The yacht has seen multiple works carried out on site, under the project management of Sure Yachting. It has been great having this yacht in the premises and we will be sad to see it go, but will continue to follow what is deemed to be the most successful Volvo 70 of all time.

On the classic yachts on site, we saw one Nordic Folkboat depart to Hamble last week, this leaves our latest NF full refit nearing completion and ready for its new owner to enjoy the yacht. We are also closing in on finishing the 1962 wooden Nordic which will be seen next month on its mooring back on the Medway and the final more modern Nordic Nordic will have the works completed prior to returning to its home port of Hamble.

We welcomed a high profile J80 yesterday with a works list prior to their National Championships in Lymington this year.

As well as the refits and yacht updates, we have sold dozens of sails, and precision engineered parts, so please do get in touch for some of these items.

Keep following and liking us on Instagram (europa_composites), as we near 1,000 followers. This interaction means a lot to us.

Our final big news is the recent acquisition of the Check Charts assets Checkcharts – Solent laminated racing charts

A business locally established in 1986, and ground breaking in its day. The simple laminated chart has stood the test of time and still established as the number one racing mark chart for the Solent. We believe passionately about local businesses’ surviving and thriving, especially ones which have served the sailing community for such a long period of time.

Charts for the Central, Eastern and Western Solent can be bought directly from the website or via the best yachting retailers on the south coast:

U Boat, Force 4 and Sunsail. Please go and support local business.

Wishing everyone a fantastic sailing season, whether cruising, motoring or racing – have a great time!