Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What Data are Collected?

The South Coast Boat Show collects and holds names, email addresses and in some cases telephone numbers.

The data is stored in a spreadsheet on a secure server.

How are the Data Used?

Names and email addresses will be used for sending email notifications about the South Coast Boat Show by the South Coast Boat Show organisers.

If, upon registration, certain brands are highlighted by the attendee as of interest then the emails and phone numbers will be passed onto the exhibitors showcasing those brands so that the attendee can be contacted in advance of the show to arrange an appointment.

Data are not used for any other purposes. Data are not sent or sold to other 3rdparty companies or individuals.

How can I update my information, or unsubscribe?

To be taken off the South Coast Boat Show database, please email info@southcoastboatshow.com

Policy last updated 11th February 2019